Nearing the Czech Republic…

Only a few short days remain for our Tunisia visit (actually, as far as I tell, the length of these days will be the same as any other). We’ve been communicating with the couple we will stay with near the town of Černovice in the Czech Republic. Our home for the next month will be at the New Mill, or Nový Mlýn, a sustainability project in South Bohemia. It sounds like the winter has been incredibly hard for them and circumstances may be a bit different than we were expecting. Nonetheless, we are excited and looking forward to the next leg of our journey.

4 responses to “Nearing the Czech Republic…

  1. Who’s Gramp?? (Lyon?)

  2. Will be an entirely different experience. Love, Gramp

  3. Dylan, beautiful pictures, thanks!

  4. Sounds like the house you are going to is interesting!

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