Daily Archives: February 25, 2010

New video

The Tunisia Study Abroad video was created as a promotional tool for the Oregon University System Study Abroad Program.

Lipno and Český Krumlov

Between Tábor, Lipno, and Český Krumlov, our first weekend in the Czech Republic was busy and fun. We began by heading to the nearby city of Tábor on Friday night where Nic and Mike have a flat (Nic teaches English there). After taking showers at the flat (much needed, since the pipes at the house are frozen!) we went to a restaurant called Two Cats for a proper Czech meal. Traditional garlic soup with smoked meat and cheese, Camembert spread with cherries, meat and dumplings, all washed down with good beer. Dylan thinks he’s found his soul food.

Saturday started all too early with a wake-up call from Keith, a Canadian friend of Mike and Nic. The five of us (plus Bun Bun, of course) traveled to Lipno nad Vltavou, a small town in the Šumava Range bordering Austria and the Czech Republic, for some skiing, skating, and snow play. Dylan chose downhill skiing with Keith and Mike while Jenna and Nic tried out the cross country trails. In case you are wondering, red seems to be the 2010 ‘in’ color for snowboard attire, you can get away with matching pants and jacket, and if you have a panda hat as well as the courage to sport it…you will be the talk of the mountain. After a full day on the mountain, we drove to the charming village of Český Krumlov and checked into the equally charming Hostel 99. Sunday involved exploring this UNESCO site, which looks a lot like a movie set and reminds Jenna of the winter jigsaw puzzles she did as a kid. The whole village is set around the winding river Vltava with cobblestone streets leading to tiny shops and cafes. We walked around the Český Krumlov Castle (the only thing open in the off-season) and got lost in the old-town vibe.

Three more weekends in the Czech Republic…where should we go next?