Daily Archives: March 1, 2010

Zombies and bats and sheep, oh my!

It’s about 8pm on Sunday night and we go through our usual phase of what-should-we-do. Tonight, the options are: watch a movie, watch the Men’s Ice Hockey Gold Medal Match, read books, or just go to sleep. Next thing you know, a ripped version of Zombieland is playing on Dylan’s laptop (don’t judge). After the movie is over, we spend entirely too long loading live feeds of the hockey game over the internet. Luckily, our resilience was (not) for naught. Jenna slept through the third (final) period and awoke to see the US tie Canada 2-2 with 24 seconds left in the game, leading to overtime. Awesome. Time for a sandwich. We went downstairs to get a snack and are startled when we see that Nic is still up. She’s vigorously washing her hands after getting scratched when the feisty orange cat (George) caught a bat. A quick Google query instructed her to wash thoroughly for 15 minutes and bring the bat to a vet to see if it’s rabid. So we head to the kitchen and make lambwiches (did I mention Mike made an awesome roast dinner this evening?) and while lambwich assembly is in full swing, Dylan decides to run upstairs and grab the laptop so we don’t miss any exictment. He comes back with bad news. Turns out in hockey, overtime is sudden death (why the full 20 minutes on the clock?), Canada has scored and thus won, and all hockey-pa-looza comes to a close. Luckily, we still have lambwiches. We wash them down with delicious mlĂ©ko it’s the most amazing thing ever. Upstairs, Pavouk (cat with the luxurious fur) is waiting at our door, to enter and hang out with us. Dylan plays with him for awhile and he tolerates a lot. Pavouk is basically the next Maru.

Strange things happen after midnight in the Czech Republic.