Daily Archives: March 19, 2010

Blogue, Czech Republic

After a great time at our first official work exchange in South Bohemia, we set out to experience Prague. We stayed at Arpacay Hostel and had quite a range of roommates in our five-bed dorm. Prague is a small city and the big sights to see can be done in just a couple of days.  For us it was nice to have extra time to wander around, relax, and of course visit the cinema for two English language movies.

Prague is awesome. Easter egg colored houses line charming cobble stone streets. The city is alive and rich with history. Good Czech food and good Czech beer are cheap.  The castles, cathedrals, and winding Vltava River makes the Prague look like a movie set. We really really liked Prague.

We visited Charles Bridge first and made our way to the Old Town Square. Currently, there is construction on the bridge, which did detract some from its romantic appeal.  I’ve never seen so many tourists in my life. Cameras flashing constantly, numerous foreign languages spoken, and maps being discussed in great detail made it so we fit right in. The Prague Castle was great but it was St. Vitus Cathedral that really blew us away.  The architectural detail and sheer size were just stunning. It’s also the largest and (considered) the most important church in the country.

With bread rolls and salami packed in our bag, some of the best time we had in Prague was simply wandering the streets, repeating to each other “Look at that! Look at that!” Without planning, we stumbled upon on of our favorite places: Vyšehrad: a fortress built in the 10th century and home to Czech royalty.

On our way to the airport as we were leaving, we encountered a fun and strange mix of folk on the metro.  At times it was hard to tell who had been up all night partying (this was at 3:30am in the morning) and who was headed to an early morning job. We have made it to Paris now (I’ll save the details for later, but so far…WOW) and are settled into our apartment with Megan. More to come. Love to all.