Catching up

If you’re a family member, friend, or just someone looking for good things and other stuff you may be wondering: why hasn’t this blog been updated in over a year? Funny, I ask myself the same question.

The answer is partially because I like looking at pictures of southern Spain, Parisian Streets, and snowy Czech villages and partially because I haven’t felt like it. But I feel like it now. So here we go.

So, what’s been going on with Dylan and Jenna since we last spoke. Quite a bit actually. Let’s get caught up.

Dylan went sailing

and Jenna went backpacking.

We looked at hot springs

and soaked in them.

 Friends said their vows on a trip to Las Vegas.

 Mountains were scaled.

Deserts were discovered.

Beaches were explored.

Seasons passed and snow fell.

  We watched the sun rise in the east

and set in the west.

Many places were called home and we moved . . . a lot.

In every kitchen, bread was freshly baked.

Passions were found

in work and

in play.

Rules were broken.

Strange things occurred.

Friends were made.

and made.

and made.

Games were played, three minutes at a time.

We got to know LA

from down low

and up high.

We went places via four wheels

and others via two.

Which brings us to today, more or less. And another year to come.

2 responses to “Catching up

  1. Beautiful!
    What a lovely way to catch up with your world.

  2. Jen,
    We both cried and enjoyed. So beautiful you are!!!


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