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Paris things: other stuff

Paris. There are a few select things I would like to share with everyone about Paris. Each item will be labeled with an appropriately descriptive title.

Café Restaurant

Our favorite street in Paris is Rue Ledru-Rollin and our favorite snack spot is on this street. It’s called Café Restaurant. Well it’s not actually called Café Restaurant, but we like to think that it is (we don’t know the actual name). They have an amazing Sunday Brunch (we haven’t had it yet) and the fresh pressed juice is to die for (also never tasted).  We can, however, speak for the day-old salmon ceviche that, if could talk, would say something like “I’m deliciously tasty.” This is especially true when eaten at the sidewalk tables in the late afternoon sun.

The Balcony

When our feet get tired, we take a rest on the balcony of our (tiny) apartment and watch Paris go by. We’ve been staying in the 11th arrondissement of Paris on the fashionable Rue Trousseau. It’s a great neighborhood full of savory smells and wonderful window shopping. There is much to see from our vantage point: borrowed Paris city bicycles weave through pedestrians, Dylan sketches the beautiful arcitecture of the building across the street, and school children parade down the sidewalks with linked arms laughing and talking. We overlook a small plot of community gardens; a glimpse of hope for urbanization.

The Best Movie Night Ever

Some things need proper preparation.  Examples include: final collegiate exams, Thanksgiving dinners, and epic movie nights. The Best Movie Night Ever would not have been complete without The Best Chip Dip Ever and luckily our local expert (Megan, Master of Sauces) pulled through when the corner market failed to stock sour cream and onion ChipsUp. With a bootleg copy of Sherlock Holmes, a couple of bottles of cheap French wine, and snack trays splayed out over Dylan’s legs, we snuggled up on the couch and began our viewing. Best Movie Nights Ever quickly come to an end, however, when you only have 1/3 of the movie to watch (that explains the suspiciously small file size). Luckily the Internet Gods blessed us with YouTube and stoats in slow motion are the funniest things in the world.

Two-wheeled vehicles are abundant. Scarves and sunglasses adorn the best looking people. Food is serious business. Paris.

Paris Photos

Photos from our first few days in Paris are posted. Accompanying text to follow. Enjoy!