Jack is a special cat.

Extra toes, extra eye colors, and extra love for anyone that comes within his sphere. He talks to birds. He makes his own ringtones. He runs laps around the house before he’s fed (well, we insist upon this one…gotta watch that waistline).

Not long after being introduced to Jack, we noticed that he had a fondness for curling up and spending afternoons laying on unattended  and unsuspecting MacBooks. (It goes without saying that Jack is a hipster cat. Go ahead and ask him about his favorite bands, but you’ve probably never heard of them.) The computer daybed was no big surprise: laptops are smooth and warm and make a great pad for napping. But can it be all that comfortable? Jack apparently thinks so. Then again, his standards seem to be low.

A cast iron Dutch oven? A bathroom sink?

Will Jack Lie On It?

It’s likely.

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